Thursday, 19 July 2012

And into Spain...

We crossed into Spain on the 15th of July and stayed a night in San Sebastian, it was a great beach side city and there was an event going on when we got there with live music and all sort of celebrations.  We walked around for hours and got back late to the motorhome so tired.

The following day was a big driving day, we covered about 500+ kms and ended up at another beach, unfortunately the campsite was really busy and overcrowded so we were out of there early the next day.

We then stayed in a small town called Vilalba and rested from the heat, it was a really hot hot day, but we managed to park under a shaded parking area and get some rest from all the driving.

Yesterday we decided to come in land as since it is school holidays the beaches tend to be packed and we wanted some solitude.  We found a place in the mountains for camping at a great horse and equestrian center so we have decided to stay here a couple of days and just chill out.

The horses are beautiful, lots of pure breed andalusians and many others, unfortunately nobody speaks english so we are just keeping to ourselves, although we made friends with one of the girls that works here and she drove us to the store to get some chicken for tonights BBQ and fire we are going to have, with toasted marshmellows.... YUM!

We are deciding if we want to stay one or two more nights here before we cross into Portugal and head towards the general area of where the festival is.  We want to be close by a few days before to get sorted, shop and prep for the 8 day festival... thank god there will be a lake there as the temperature is due to be in the 40's!!!

All for now, you can check out the photos on my facebook also!

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